Important Tips For Keeping Your Garage Secure From Thieves And Intruders

Your attached garage is a very vulnerable area for your home when it comes to thieves and intruders. This is because the garage provides privacy for someone who wants to break in; they can sneak into the garage and then take the time to pick the lock on your back door, or break a window to that door without anyone hearing. This is why it's important to keep your garage secure. Consider some important tips for reinforcing security and making this area of your home less vulnerable.

1. Keep your garage door in good repair

If your garage door is bent or broken in any way, a thief can easily pull it away from the garage itself and then slip inside without being detected. As soon as your automatic garage door opener breaks or the garage door slides off the tracks, or you notice it being damaged in any way, call a company like Raynor Door Company for repair work. This will ensure the door itself does not become a vulnerable point when it comes to the security of your home.

2. Install a deadbolt lock on the inside of the door

A sliding deadbolt lock inside your garage door can keep it even more secure. This will add a layer of protection so that an intruder cannot simply pull or force the door open. If the sliding bolt has a padlock, this too adds to your protection and can keep the door secure. A locksmith can install this type of lock and some companies that install or repair garage doors can also do this for you.

3. Cover the windows of your garage

A thief often takes time to look into the windows of a garage to see if there is anything inside worth stealing, to check out if the car inside is very expensive which might mean the homeowners have money, and to check the security of the door to the home. To keep this from happening, cover the windows either on the garage door or on the garage itself. Cover them with frosted film if you still want sunlight to come in.

4. Secure the windows of your garage

Covering the windows on the garage door is good, but windows on the garage themselves should be secured so no one can break them and sneak inside. You can screw chicken wire on the inside of these windows for added protection, or replace them with glass block.

These tips will keep your garage as secure as possible and in turn, keep your home more secure as well!