3 Tips For Old Garage Door Uses

If you want to make sure that you are going to put your old garage door to good use, you will want to start to think about all of the things that you could use around the house. Take a moment to reflect on some of the suggestions listed below, and you will have a game plan for your old garage door in no time at all.

Picture Frames

The exact size of your picture frames will be dependent on how many frames you want to make, how much good wood is available from a damaged door, and how many frames you want to get out of a single door. To start, simply cut your wooden garage door into whatever shapes and sizes you want. Make sure that you are sanding down the sides of the wood and that you are gently sanding the front and back of the wood so that you have a clean surface for the application of paint.

After the paint dries, you can attach frame hardware to the back of the frame. Such hardware can be found at many department stores. Then simply glue your pictures in place. You can also attach picture corners to the frame itself. This way, you can slide pictures in and out without causing any damage to the wood or the pictures themselves.

Dog House

Are you looking for a good sturdy dog house that is going to be well-insulated with thick wood and cheap to make? If so, then using the wooden garage door is the perfect solution. Just take your measurements for how large you want the dog house to be and cut the pieces to size. You can then hold it all together with strong long nails. Once everything is in place, you can paint the dog house and invite your pup to check out its new home.

Headboard For Your Bed

Have you always wanted a unique headboard for your bed that would attract the attention of everyone that sees it? If so, then the best thing for you might be to simply create your own headboard. At least this way, you will know that no one that you know will have the same exact headboard. All you need to do is to make sure that you are measuring the width of your bed so that your headboard will stretch the entire width of it. Then, you will want to decide how high you want the headboard to be.

Once you have but the wooden garage door into the correct measurements, you will sand, paint, and then attach it to the wall behind your bed. Do make sure that you are using long screws and that you are screwing the headboard into the studs of your wall so that you will not have to worry about it falling on you in the middle of the night.

With these ideas in mind, you should have no trouble figuring out something to do with your old garage door. Whatever you decide to do, it will certainly be a lot better than simply sitting it out on the curb for the weekly garbage. For a new garage door, contact a company like Garage Doors Of Naples Inc for more information.