Benefits Of Installing A Garage Door Screen

These days, garages are more than just a place to store or work on your car. They're often used as workshops where do-it-yourself projects (from woodworking to painting) are carried out. Many are converted into living spaces or social areas for games or entertainment. One way you can make your garage even more useful is by installing a door screen. Regardless of the type of garage door screen you install, you will enjoy a number of benefits.

Garage Door Screen Types

There are several different types of garage door screens from which to choose.

Sliding Screen Door: With a sliding screen door, you can simply slide the screen to one side whenever you want to get your car in or out. By installing a remote control, you can even close the screen door without getting back out of your car when you leave.

Retractable Screen Door: With this type of screen, you use a remote control to lower or raise the screen. In its raised position, the screen sits in a housing just above the garage door. While the housing is visible, they do come in a range of colors so that they will better blend into different decors.

Rollup Screen Door: If you would like some of the features of a retractable screen door without the cost, a less expensive option is the rollup screen door. This type of door also attaches to the top of the garage door. It uses a zipper or magnets to provide an entryway into the garage, and it can be rolled up when it's not needed.

Benefits of Garage Screen Doors

Garage screen doors offer the following benefits:

  • A garage screen door provides you with a happy middle ground between having a fully opened and exposed garage and one with a closed door that is stuffy and unpleasant. This provides you with the perfect place for relaxing, socializing or carrying out those weekend projects.

  • A screened garage is partially shaded by the screen, which can help to keep the temperature in the garage from becoming too uncomfortable. Screens also serve as a protective shield against leaves and blowing debris.

  • A tight screen mesh also provides a barrier against flying insects. That way you can still have a flow of fresh air circulating in your garage without having to constantly swat away pesky flying bugs.

  • Surprisingly, a screen in your garage can help lower your home cooling bill. This is because every time you open the door from a closed garage into a home, warm air rushes into the home and forces the air conditioning system to work that much harder. If you have screens across your garage door, the cooler air in your garage won't cause this problem for your air conditioner.

For more information about garage screens, or to see what kind would work for your home, contact a garage door installation company.