Commercial Garage Door Designs For Garage Bands And Businesses

Why buy an office or rent a studio when you could work out of your garage? Many businesses and artists found their beginning and forged their success in the spare room beside their house, and for a modest investment below the cost of a constant rent, you can make your garage adventure a lot more efficient. Before buying the first random garage door you see or dealing with the basic one on your building, consider a few garage door types that could be perfect for you.

Not All Windows Are The Same

Although windows are necessary for garages, the ability to allow or block direct sunlight can be a welcome addition to long days or fading evenings in the dark or under artificial light. Don't just get a garage door with a few window ports cut out; make sure that the window positions are good for you.

The issue with window placement comes from how the garage is opened or closed. Sectional garage doors that rise into a container may only have rectangular windows that fit within sections. The same may go for vertical lift and pull doors, which may fall and create a shatter hazard during storms or incorrect use.

To have the best chance at a window (and maybe even door) setup that works for you, look towards sliding rail doors. These doors come from the left or right on a set of rails that control the direction. With this option, you can arrange for easily opened or shaded windows that can allow sunlight to brighten your work if desired.

Mechanical Or Not? It's About Your Budget

The decision to go with a mechanical garage door greatly depends on what you want to invest for the installation and upkeep. It's good to have a garage that can be managed with a remote or a button in case of weakness, injury or convenience, but know that you may need electrical maintenance down the road.

Whether in a few years or in a few decades, the motor may have to be replaced or the electrical wiring repaired. Manual doors may have fewer problems, but you may still have issues like the door getting stuck on rails or having stuck panels. 

Commercial garage doors are necessary for small businesses that want to maintain consistent performance. In the event of a breakdown, you can rely on a dedicated maintenance service to help you out. Contact a garage door professional like Shank Door to find a design that serves your garage business or artistic venture needs.