Beautiful Garage Door Styles That Make Your Home Complete

Your garage door has a major impact on how your house looks from the outside. You can give your home a simple upgrade by installing a beautiful residential garage door that is both stylish and functional. Discover different styles you can choose from that you'll love for your type of home.

Wooden garage door

A wooden garage door gives your home a rustic appeal, especially if you own an older home, a cottage or cabin, or have a property that is surrounded by a lot of trees and/or shrubbery. You can install a wooden garage door with or without windows to give it the allure you are looking for. A basic model has a design that is just wooden slats for visual enjoyment, but you can upgrade to a more ornate style with carvings or wood patterns in it to customize your residential garage door.

Glass garage door

A glass garage door is a unique way to showcase your garage. A glass garage door is completely made of glass panels that either slide to the side, or roll up like a classic garage door does. The glass is supported by a steel frame to keep the panels in place. This type of garage door is great if your garage is used sporadically or you want to give a smaller home the illusion of being much larger. it also works great for homes that have large front room windows. If you plan on getting a glass garage door that you will use often, you may want to install curtains on the inside of your door to keep the sun off your protected items within, or choose a tinted glass.

Classic steel garage door

Steel is the most common material used in garage doors, and for good reason. It's durable, inexpensive, and requires little maintenance. If you choose steel for your residential garage door, you can jazz it up by installing windows in the top of it or having it painted in a customized color. Steel is a wise choice if you just want to upgrade your existing garage door to something that is more visually appealing and don't want to have a style too ornate in your driveway.

A residential garage door can work wonders for the exterior of your property. With many styles to choose from, you can choose a garage door that is lovely and complementary to the design of your home. Contact an outlet, such as Quality Doors, to see how they can best help you fulfill your needs.