3 Ways To Add Beauty To Your Garage Doors

If your garage doors are used solely for their function, why not make them gorgeous like the rest of your property? After all, your front door has some pizzazz, and even your walkway is lined with pretty shrubbery and flowers. Your garage doors deserve some attention, too. It's super easy to make them look trendy and gorgeous. Try any of these 3 ideas out and transform your tired old garage doors into something new and engaging:

1. Sconce lights

You probably already have an overhead light above your garage doors, but wall sconces added on either side of your doors add a sense of whimsy and charm. White birdcage-style wall sconces match any modern home decor, or you can place brass or gold sconces with soft gold lighting in them on your doors to add a Victorian look to your home. Outdoor lighting is something you need, why not do it in style and let your garage doors take center stage?

2. Color blocking

Color blocking is a fashion term used to describe blending large blocks of different colors together in an outfit. The effect is surprisingly attractive, and makes a bold, trendy statement. You can color block your garage doors as well. Choose two totally different colors that will still work together (rust orange and hunter green, for example) and paint each door a separate hue. Or, you can choose to create a border with painter's tape and paint the inner area one tone and the other on the outside. Make sure the tones go with the overall color scheme of your home so the results are awe-inspiring instead of head-scratching.

3. Add glass

Glass windows give your garage doors a beautiful, contemporary appearance. You can have glass windows installed in your current doors or you can upgrade to new garage doors. These windows can be installed at the base of your doors or near the top. If privacy is a concern, ask about obscure glass when you inquire about an install from your local garage door specialist. Garage door glass comes in tempered, solar, and basic varieties for safety and UV ray control.

Garage doors can be a part of your home's overall decor. There are personal touches you can add to these functional doors to make them more appealing. Whether you want to add charming lighting or paint a beautiful color scheme in your doors, you will be surprised at what a difference a few small touches can make in giving your garage doors a much-needed makeover.

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