Garage Problems? Your Garage Door Could Be To Blame!

Are you experiencing problems with your garage? While a lot of different things could cause a garage to function poorly or to stop working, one of the more common culprits is a faulty garage door. If you've been having trouble with your garage, read on to learn about the common indicators that it's your garage door, specifically, that's the problem.

Sign #1: Strange Sounds

A properly-functioning garage door should open and close with ease, and it should do so without making a lot of noise; in fact, the only noise you should hear is the sound of the motor whirring and the door sliding properly into place.

If, instead, you hear squeaking or grinding sounds, there's a pretty good chance that your garage door is partially off the tracks-- a problem that will get worse if left alone. It could also be, however, that your garage door is simply running low on lubrication. Try adding a lubricant to the door, and if the strange sounds still persist, contact a professional repair service or the company that installed the garage for assistance. You shouldn't try to relocate or move an out-of-alignment garage door since garage door springs could cause injury or property damage if not handled carefully.

Sign #2: Shaking

When your garage door opens and closes, it should do so with a smooth, straight motion. A garage door that shakes or vibrates when it opens or closes is a garage door that is in need of some major assistance before it falls and potentially hurts someone.

A shaky garage door is usually one that has broken, missing, or improperly installed inner parts, and it can be a real hazard. Don't delay in getting this problem checked out, and to be on the safe side, don't operate your garage until the problem has been fixed.

Sign #3: Slow Movement

Finally, your garage door should move just as quickly and easily as it did the day you got it installed. If you've noticed that your garage door moves more slowly than usual lately, this probably means that your garage door springs are wearing out.

If the springs aren't too worn and you catch the problem early enough, they can typically be repaired. However, in some cases, especially if you let the problem go on too long, they will need to be replaced entirely. The only way to know for sure what to do is to call in a professional.  

As you can see, there' s quite a bit that can go wrong with garage doors. If you notice any of these signs or anything else strange with your garage door, don't hesitate to seek assistance through a company like Caspersen Garage Doors as soon as possible.