Save Energy With These Three Garage Improvements

Your garage door is the largest opening to your home. This is where air can freely flow in and out if your garage door is not properly sealed. Whether you only use your garage to park your vehicles or you use it as an extra room in the home, it is important to keep it as energy efficient as possible. You could be throwing hundreds of dollars down the drain if your garage is allowing air in and out of it. Instead of allowing the weather to come inside your home through your garage, here are three ways to update your garage to be more energy efficient. 

Lay Down Garage Mats

Many garage floors are made out of concrete. Not only is this cold to walk on, but it can allow the cold to come up through the floors. In an effort to keep the cold air out, you can lay down some inexpensive garage mats on the floor. This will create a softer and warmer flooring. Additionally, it can also help keep the fluids from your vehicles from staining the garage floor. There are several types of garage flooring that can help warm up the room. You can choose between peel and stick garage tiles, interlocking garage tiles, and even roll-out garage flooring. All of these are easy to lay down yourself without the need of a garage technician. 

Insulate Your Garage Door

One of the easiest ways to cut your energy bill is to insulate your garage door. This will cost you around $200 for two 9 foot doors. When it comes to insulating the door, you have three main options. You can choose reflective insulation, foam board insulation, or batt insulation. If your garage door is prone to heating up a lot in the summer, then you may want to consider reflective insulation. If you live in a very moist climate, then you will want to choose the batt insulation as it contains a vapor barrier. The foam board insulation offers a high R-value for your garage, so it remains more energy efficient. 

Cover Any Openings

Chances are you have several pipes running into and out of your garage. As the pipes enter the garage, there is often a small amount of space that allows air to flow in and out. In an effort to keep the air where it belongs, you will want to cover both the pipes and seal off the openings. This is another great way to help lower your energy bill. Visit a site like for more information.