Your Garage Door And Security

Your garage can be a vulnerable part of your home when it comes to security. Most garages are on the far end of the house away from the bedrooms. Unattached garages are especially big targets since they can be set far enough from the home where hearing what's going on in them is highly unlikely. Learn ways you can decrease the chances of your garage being broken into in this article.

Keep the contents of your garage unknown

If you keep your garage closed up so those passing by can't see the contents, then a thief will be less likely to have an interest in it. If you like to do a lot of work in your garage with the door open, then consider having a tall fence put up around your property. You can also have a screen door installed that's dark in color and will make it hard for people to see inside when the door is open.

You also want to make sure people can't look into the windows. Curtains or blinds can help you accomplish this, but you need to make sure they stay closed. You can also have a dark tint put on the windows that keep people from being able to see in when you have the shades open to let sunlight in the garage.

Keep the doors locked properly

If you have a side door that leads into your garage, you want to make sure that door is made of either solid wood or metal. If the door is a hollow wooden door, the chances are increased that someone may kick it in when they know you aren't home. The door should have a deadbolt on it so it is very difficult for someone to break into.

If you have a garage door that opens manually, make sure you have a latch lock on both sides of the door, not just one. This will make it twice as hard for a thief to break through the locks to get in to the garage.

If your garage has a garage door opener, then you need to take some extra measures to protect your belongings. A door with an automatic opener can be broken into from the top of the door with a piece of wire. To stop this from happening, you want to take a zip tie and hook it through the hole in the emergency release latch and use it to secure the latch to the track. This will prevent someone from being able to pull the latch from the outside to open the garage.

By following the advice here you can help to keep your garage safer from a break in and this will help you feel better when you lock your garage.