Consider These Desirable Features To Make Your New Garage Door Stand Out

When many people think of making visual changes to the exterior of their homes, they focus on areas such as replacing the windows and perhaps adding a new front porch. It can be easier to overlook the garage door, but it's important to realize that swapping an old, worn-out door for a stunning new one can dramatically improve the curb appeal of your home. When you're shopping garage doors for sale, you'll see a variety of door styles to consider. While the color and how it suits the overall look of the home is important, this isn't the only point of focus. Consider these desirable add-ons to truly make your garage door stand out.

Window Inserts

Given that the bulk of garage doors you'll see in a typical neighborhood are solid, opting for a door with some small, stylish window inserts across the upper panel can give the front of your home some wow factor. Windows in garage doors are typically rectangular, but can be visually appealing with domed tops, too. Given that you don't want the window inserts to compromise the security of your home, you can opt to have bars installed between the panes of glass — the bars will look decorative, but will serve the crucial purpose of protecting the garage from intruders.

Cast Iron Accents

On a wooden door, thick cast iron accents can really add class to the look of the area. Wooden doors are especially ideal if you have a wooden front door or wooden elements in the front of the home. Many wood designs add a rich, regal feel, and there's no better way to augment the look of the wood than with cast iron accents. Consider some cast iron hinges on the sides of the door and some vertical handles in the middle. These accents are purely decorative, but can add a desirable look.

Arched Top

While buying an arched top garage door will require you to hire a garage door contractor who can arch the opening across the top of the door, this look is something the average home in your neighborhood probably won't have. Whether you opt for a wooden door or an aluminum one, an arched top is an eye-catching feature whether you have one double-width garage door or a pair of single doors in the front of your garage. Add some inset lights in the arch and you'll have a breathtaking look to enjoy after dark.